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who do ut hink the qld team for under 16 2014 next year my team



Doesn't sound right. QRL announced QRL coaches back in December. 


Sure is correct, Qld 16's selected only from QAS squad. 


Any lists of the QAS squad? 


saintcfc - where did you get your info? 


I think this is just a little confusion going on here....I think what SaintsFC is trying to say is the QAS team (slightly different to the U16 Queensland team selected from the CC) that traditionally play The NZ 16's youth team is now playing NSW country this year instead of playing NZ 16's. I don't really mind that considering the poor performance the NZ U16 team displayed last year against the QAS boys . I'm more concerned about the best U16 Queensland team playing the best U16 New South Wales Team (Prior to origin) game being scrapped. This will be a big disappointment as the nations best players won't get to showcase their skills. 


Giggi.Delo, not sure I agree NZ were poor against QAS last year, both close games. Year before NZ took it out. But I do agree that the scrapping of either QAS v -NZ or QLD vs NSW origin.. would be extremelyvdisappointing. 


They are def playing nsw 16's. Heard from QAS coaches that this is correct. I know kaylyn ponga is not playing league but still in QAS. I am sure there will be more. 


Warrior01- What I meant by NZ 16's having performed poorly is for the nations best 16 year olds to lose both games to a Queensland academy team with majority of them playing the 16's SOO team that lost to NSW 30 nil from what I remember.


May 28 - QLD 16s v NSW 16s at State of Origin 1 (Brisbane), Qld team selected from Cyril Connell Competition, with the majority I would imagine coming from those that attended the QAS 16s Elite Camp recently.

July 12 - QLD Maroons 16s v NSW Country 16s at Rockhampton. Qld 16s Maroons selected from those that play at the QRL State Junior Championships at Townsville . 


Can someone explain clearly the difference with these u16 qld teams and I am just assuming..

Qld team picked from u16 CC..

Qld team picked from U16 State champs (i assume that any kid that does not play in the CC is able to be selected??) the kids that played CC cannot be selected??)

QAS u16 team- how do you get selected for this team?? is you play in either of the two above are you able to be selected??


There are 2 QLD U16s squads picked QLD White picked from the CC Comp, this team will play a curtain raiser to a State Of Origin Match - The Second team will be a QLD Maroons team who will play NSW Country....CC players also are selected for the BRISBANE Stingers and for other players not playing CC There will be a Presidents Invitational Side (Both teams will be mixed with Gold Coast Players) which both teams will participate in a State Carnival here they will pick there QLD Maroons team..QLD squad is announced during prize giving and will travel from the Tournament straight into camp (So Pack another bag just in case).. Did it work in 2013? I thought it did Stingers squad didn't go to well, but the Pres XIIIs did awesome.....QAS is an invitational squad made up of Contracted players.... 


What about with the u/15 QAS team, are they too only made up of contracted players??? Not sure about that. Do they get to play at any other time throughout the year??? 


Anyone going to have a crack at naming the team? 


My team ?
1- Carroll Pride
2- Hudson Stingers
3- Tuala. Stingers
4- Shibasaki. Stingers
5- Fauid/ Allan Norths/Souths
6- Sato Opo. Souths
7- Woolf. GC Green
8- Peacock. GC Green
9- Sullivan. Norths
10- OGrady. Toowoomba
11- Smith. Souths
12- Tararo. Souths
13- Cotter. Mackay

14- Sula-Siaosi GC White
15- Paikea GC White
16- Tatipata Wynumm
17- Wolske. Souths 


I believe Lachlan Lam (Roosters), Matthew Vidal (Eels) and Tristan Sailor (Steelers) are all eligible as well from the HM comp.
Redcliffe: N/A
GC White: A.Brimson, E.Paikea, V.Sula-Sioasa, A.Noema
S Logan: H.Fabila-Hicks, S.Ketia-Opo, C.Pirihi, T.Wolske, S.Smith, S.Schmidt, K.Tararo, C.Allan, R.Tago, G.Hala'ufia
Norths: D.Fauid, H.Sullivan
Easts: D.Brownbill
GC Green: B.Woolf, J.Peacock
Wynnum: S.Tatipata
Ipswich: L.Pakau, D.Ioane, J.Williams, B.Lenehan
Toowoomba: W.O'Gradey
Mackay: S.Downes, R.Cotter
Northern: M.Carroll, L.Lockington, J.Clifford, M.Tuati
Townsville: G.Shibasaki, J.Bourke, D.Dempsey, E.Tuala, M.Hudson 


In my opinion, players listed above would be worthy of selection to come up against the Knights dominated NSW team. Good luck to all teams competing on the weekend and no injuries thanks. 


ALX21 can you explain how these HM players would qualify?

Tristan SAILOR for example resides in NSW and has done so for several years.... If he played for Koori NSW u 16 this year. I'm sure he would only qualify for NSW selection. He a NSW registered player too! 


Fair point @PotterJason. I believe Lam was in the QAS squad. Vidal is originally from the Fraser Coast region. Not sure about Sailor, but isn't their a rule about son's of origin players or is that total bs? 


I was told this a few months ago and it is recorded in his own book. Wendell SAILOR is adopted.. Both his birth mother and Alison Sailor are descendants of the Kanakas who are South-Sea Islander slaves brought to Queensland to work sugar crops in the 19th century. All Wendell knows is that he's biological father is West Indian.

So Wendell is not Indigenous at all and it's a joke that he ever played in the Indigenous All Stars team. Therefore, his son Tristan should not have played in the 2014 NSW u16 Koori team either. This was a position that should have went to a NSW indigenous player . I apologise if Tristan mother Tara in an indigenous Australian, but she don't look it.


Tristan Sailor qualifies for Qld as Wendall played Origin for the Maroons. The same as Lachlan Lam through his dad Adrian. 


My picks for both the Queensland 16s and New South Wales 16s Squads would look like this

Queensland Team

01. Marshall Hudson - Townsville Stingers
02. Michael Carroll - Northern Pride
03. Gehmat Shibasaki - Townsville Stingers
04. Steven Tatipata - Wynum Manly Seagulls
05. Enari Tuala - Townsville Stingers
06. Sato Ketia-Opo - Souths Logan Magpies
07. Brent Woolf - Gold Coast Green
Lachlan Lam - Sydney Roosters
08. Sam Downes - Mackay Cutters
09. Vito Sula-Siaosi - Gold Coast White
10. Ethan Paikea - Gold Coast White
11. Syd Smith - Souths Logan Magpies
12. Kobe Tararo - Souths Logan Magpies
13. Reuben Cotter - Mackay Cutters
14. Jake Clifford Northern Pride /
Harry Sullivan - Norths Devils
15. Apiata Noema - Gold Coast White /
Duarne Dempsey - Townsville Stingers
16. Jack Peacock - Gold Coast Green /
Will O'Gradey - Toowoomba Clydesdales
17. Lui Lockington - Northern Pride /
Corey Allan - Souths Logan Magpies

New South Wales Team

01. Nick Cotric - Canberra Raiders
02. Matt Cooper - Newcastle Knights
03. Nicholas O'Meley - Newcastle Knights
04. Amaziah Slavin - Canterbury Bulldogs
05. John Hopoate - Manly Seagulls
06. Will Kerr - Canterbury Bulldogs
07. Brendan O'Hagan - Newcastle Knights
08. Samson Kerr - Penrith Panthers
09. Tom Starling - Newcastle Knights
10. Henry Siriah-Fuimaono - South Sydney Rabbitohs
11. Giordan Patea - Canterbury Bulldogs
12. Brodie Jones - Newcastle Knights
13. Matt Lyons - Canberra Raiders
14. Raymond Maroun - Penrith Panthers
15. Jai whitbread - Gold Coast White
16. Justice Utatao - Western Suburbs Magpies
17. George Francis - Canterbury Bulldogs /
Steve Dressler - Gold Coast Green 


Good squad @Eagleyes33. Samson Kerr is a big, big boy from the NSWRL highlights.
Does anyone think we should have a Pos vs Prob game for Queensland during the National Final? Or would that be too difficult to organise? Northern vs Southern? Or split the zones? 


Lachlan Lam chosen for Qld U16s. 


Queensland Under 16s
1. Gehamat SHIBASAKI (Townsville Stingers)
2. Michael CARROLL (Northern Pride)
3. Steven TATIPATA (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
4. Jason CHAPMAN (Northern Pride)
5. Enari TUALA (Townsville Stingers)
6. Sato KETIA OPO (Souths Logan Magpies)
7. Lachlan LAM (Sydney Roosters HM)
8. William O'GRADEY (Toowoomba Clydesdales)
9. Brent WOOLF (Gold Coast Green)
10. Ethan PAIKEA (Gold Coast White)
11. Syd SMITH (Souths Logan Magpies)
12. Kobe TARARO (Souths Logan Magpies)
13. Reuben COTTER (Mackay Cutters)
14. Vito SULA-SIAOSI (Gold Coast White)
15. Jack PEACOCK (Gold Coast Green)
16. Mitipere TUATAI (Northern Pride)
17. Zane WILLSHIRE (Toowoomba Clydesdales)
18. Marshall HUDSON (Northern Pride) 


*QRL made a mistake Marshall Hudson plays for the Townsville Stingers. 

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