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who do ut hink the qld team for under 16 2014 next year my team



I Hope you share Saintsfc do they post the teams on stingers?


They normally post the team on stingers but the broncos team is always a secret. Spoke to the boys they got letters sent to their home address and had to call the coach to confirm they received it. 5 from springwood. 2 from sunnybank. 


Thanks saintsfc so these are for the stingers team ? So do you no who picks the broncos team & who is eligble Thanks saintsfc sorry if im being a pain


Stingers side now on their website. Only 3 from Logan, but 4 from aspley and 3 from reddy. One from brothers, that wouldn't be Clinton mohr's son would it? Lol why the selectors insist on picking even numbers from both side of the river is beyond me. Top thre sides are southside teams u would think they would dominate the side but wrong! No wonder the poinsiettas struggle year after year.

The broncos side will be made up of kids on contracts and development kids all over Qld. They normally meet 3-4 days before the game and go into camp. There will be some bris kids and kids from up north out west etc. my son went to camp with them it was held at Marist brothers school, not sure what they will do this year as the game is in gatton not at arana hills. 


Just noticed sunnybank only got one in the team!! Hmmm oh well the selectors certainly see differently to me! That must be why they are on te big dollars and I ain't! Lol 


Hi saint i think 1 of the boys they said is from Aspley is actually from another club. Typo perhaps there was another boy from Aspley that i thought would of defiantly made it but you never know what selectors are thinking I also think sunny bank should of Defiently got more in as well. 


There is a fair bit of talent is this age group, don't know what people think of these 2 teams??
1. Kalyn Ponga
2. Enari Tuala
3. Steven Tatipata
4. Liam Pakau
5. Michael Carroll
6. Marshall Hudson
7. Sato Ketia-Opu
8. Sharmah Schmidt
9. Quinlyn Cannon
10. Jack Peacock
11. James Clarke
12. Syd Smith
13. Rueben Cotter
14. Zane Willshire
15. Jacob Bourke
16. Emery Pere
17. Jack Glossop

1. Gerome Burns
2. Callum Tull
3. Thomas Sau
4. Apiata Noema
5. Hisu Hicks
6. Campbell Pirihi
7. Jake Clifford
8. Aziz Ali
9. Vito Sula-Sioasa
10. Will O'Gradey
11. Jack Schmidt
12. Joshua Morton
13. Connor McCabe
14. Jason Chapman
15. Brent Wolf
16. Christian Power
17. Tevita Wolske
18. Gehemat Shibaski
19. Reed Mahoney
20. Wesley Heketoa
21. Jack Kennedy
22. Duarne Dempsey 


I think the side you have mentioned is great and VERY strong however I believe after watching the state championships this year there could be a few more from the Gold Coast/ South's Logan teams picked than you have listed, if you look at the state final both met east and south coast have a LOT players playing in both the SL and GC teams next year and that grand final was an outstanding display of football from both teams.. 


After watching this Age Group very very closely over the last couple of years, Schoolboy 12s at Redcliffe in 2010, 13s at the QRL State Junior Carnival at Ipswich in 2011, 14s at the QRL State Junior Carnival at Kawana in 2012, 15s at The 15s Schoolboys at Wynnum this year. Hopefully the Selectors will be able to select 2 absolute "crackjack" teams (Qld and Maroons). Let's hope the Selection Panel get to all games around the state before the semi finals, and the selectors are from all areas of the state and not just from the South East Corner. 


I Agree totally this age group across the board is probably the strongest between 13s to 18s and the selectors should have no problem putting together a side strong enough to beat anyone. 


What would be a great idea would be to maybe have a CITY vs COUNTRY trial game at the end of the CC Competition.

City (8 Southern Conference Teams - Wynnum, Redcliffe, Easts, Norths, Souths-Logan, Ipswich, Gold Coast (2)).

Country (8 Northern Conference Teams - Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay, Central United Crows, CQ Capras, Mackay Cutters, Northern Pride, Townsville Stingers).

It's just a thought, but NSW did have a Possibles vs Probables match this year before picking their 16s team?? 


I support this idea @OutbackEyes. 


I like the idea of a possible Vs. Probable match that would be a much better way to pick the best in QLD 


@ Coach01-I believe they do that for the u12 qld team(s) and @OutbackEyes that's an excellent idea! QRL should definitlley take that into consideration. 


hey boys don't forget james clark and daniel walker from peninsula played for QLD White 2 really good forwards. 


I do not envy the task of the selectors because after following this particular age group very closely since 2010, I have put together this names.

Michael Carroll
Quinlyn Cannon
James Clark
Jason Chapman
Jake Clifford
Mitipele Tuati
Asi Asi John

Marshall Hudson
Enari Tuala
Pe-Jay Zaro
Christian Power
Gehemat Shibaski
Duarne Dempsey

Rueben Cotter
Joshua Morton
Jacob Schill

Jack Glossop
Callum Tull

Derome Mafi
Jack Kennedy

Zane Willshire
Will O'Gradey
Gerome Burns

Reed Mahoney
Connor McCabe
Dalton Smith

Liam Pakau
Daniel Ioane
Jackson Wier

Jack Peacock
Emery Pere
Apiata Noema

Vito Sula-Sioasa
Ethan Paikea

The following boys I'm not 100% sure WHO they play for?.

But I'm sure there are others that contribute to this forum that would be able to assist!

Kalyn Ponga
Steven Tatipata
Declan Day
Sato Ketia-Opu
Tevita'unga Wolske
Sharmah Schmidt
Syd Smith
Thomas Sa'u
Hisu Hicks
Aziz Ali
Campbell Pirihi
Kris Verevis
Jackson Frei
Hayden O'Hara
Brent Wolf
Broughton Clark
Tyrone Faulkner
Len Ikitau
David Fauid
George Halaufia
Blake Lenehan
Luke Kisaloff
Ronaldo Tago
Harry Sullivan
Wesley Heketoa
Tony Hunt

"Have I missed anyone???"

I didn't include Steven Dressler (Gold Coast White) and Sean Garner (Gold Coast Green), because I believe they are not eligible to be selected for QLD?, also I didn't include Jack Schmidt (Northern Pride) or Jacob Bourke (Townsville Stingers) because they were not named in their respective CC Squads! 


Correct, Dresler and Garner are eligible for NSW.

Not sure why Jack Schmidt was not selected for the Pride???

Blake Lenehan (Ipswich) 


Jack Schmidt didn't play in the Northern Pride trial, unsure why?

Because he would have been one of the 1st selected if he did! 


Shamar Schmidt
Sato Ketia Opo
Ronaldo Tago
Kobe Tararo
Campbell Pirihi
Thomas Sau
Tevita Unga Wolske
Syd Smith
Brad Whaley
George Halaufia
Dray Ngatuere-Wroe
Amosa Aumua
Hisiu Fabila Hicks

Broughton Clarke and Len Ikitau did not trial. 


Hot team that Souths Logan have! Suprised syd smith has been named, hasn't trained with the side yet. 


Apparently Syd and Len will be back training after xmas. Also heard the other players in the 30 man squad really stepping up. 


A lot of big personalities in that squad will be interesting to see how the come together. They have a good coach so should be ok. Just pass the ball to syd! lol 


Crowbar I have heard that to about the SLM Connell squad. Also heard that Syd Smith has been training with them this week. 


Crowbar I have heard that too about the SLM Connell squad. Also heard that Syd Smith has been training with them this week. 


Will be interesting saintsfc if they can, squad seems focused and putting in the hard yards. Will be serious contenders if they do, especially if Len and Broughton return after the xmas break. 

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