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MM & CC Cups 2013



Does anyone know when west are starting their Cyril connel & meninga training 


i think west start cc & mm training 2nd or 3rd week as November. 


May need to start a 2013 thread 


Consider it done eagle10. 


[h=3] TOWNSVILLE STINGERS U16 & U18 [/h]

OPEN trials will be held on Saturday 3rd of November for the Under 18's & Sunday 4th of November for Under 16 Townsville Stingers teams. Trials will be on Field 2 at the Townsville Sports Reserve. 


Heard west are ready too fold any truth too in the rrumour 


Have been told there are at least 6 boys from norths gone to easts mm team 


Went and saw what possibly will be the norths cc team on Sunday pretty impressive. May lack a little depth in front rows but have a couple of back rowers that can step up,redcliffe very speedy back line just need a couple of big boys up front could go well ,wynum may struggle 


Positions Available With Wests Panthers


THE Wests Panthers are seeking coaching nominations for the 2013 Cyril Connell and Mal Meninga Cup competitions.
The Panthers also require managers and other qualified staff to fulfill key duties including LeagueSafe and First Aid.
Training at this stage will be twice a week, commencing in late November.
Nominations need to be emailed to Simona Vavega by close of business on November 16. 


One of those is very high profile. 


Hey h if west pull out of fogs does this effect cc & mm,also a few CC boys from norths are talking of going to redcliffe already 


For what it is worth wouldn't North's have quarantined these boys? 


i believe quarantine is only until nov 


[U]Mackay Cutters 2013 [/U][U]Squad Lists[/U]

[U]Mal Meninga Under 18[/U]
Blake Atherton
Bradley Boyd
Jake Eden
Harry Fitzgerald
Jacob Gagai
Lane Grayson
Scott Green
Kyle Krisanski-Kennedy
Ben McNeil
Jovani Muzieres
Ronald Pender
Zac Radel
Harry Saunders
Scott Schulte
Zach Scott
Matt Skaife
Andrew Warren
Nick Baker
Ross Bella
Malik Cotter
Brad Durnsford
Baedan Flynn
Robert Fuz
Tyler Heading
Rhys McBride
Jackson McCormack
Jarrod Morris
Brock Young
Rian Sainsbury
Jerome Ranghiatea
Zac Schill
Brent Murphy
Liam McIntyre
Blake Bradford
James Steer
Nathan Benson
Harry Wecker
Kiran Anderson
Cody Morrison
Jack Coates
Tyler Berquist
Head Coach: Scott Dunshea
Assistant Coach: Owen Cunningham

[U]Cyril Connell Under 16:[/U]
Michael Anderson
Jacob Anderson
Justin Blackmur
Daniel Boyd
Ruebin Clarke
Liam Coles
Jayden Congoo
Ruebin Cotter
Jye Del Simone
Mitch Dunn
Riley Goodwin
Ayden Horner
Jamiah Hutchinson
Dylan Jack-McLeod
Josh Jackson
Kellen Jenner
Gabe Kopana
Riley Lappin
Josh Morton
Jarrod McGuire
Alec Mitchell
John O’Brien
David Oosthausen
Kade Turner
Shaquile Reeve-Viali
Daniel Ryan
Lachlan Birmingham
Jesse Strickland
Alatti Tapim
Zac Thorpe
Mosese Uluviti
Ashton Windsor
Tom Yeomans
Lane McDonald
Daniel Kay
Head Coach: Nathan Doyle
Assistant Coach: Scott Thorburn 


Quarantine only goes for the current season.They are free agents after that until they sign again for the following season. 


Jacob Gagai has signed with the Knights for 3 years 


Is that Dane's brother? 




Quarantined lol ? What if they get vet certificate to say they been sprayed.

Sorry couldnt help myslef. Seriously, I was nearly talked into doing that once with one of my boys. We went to one training session, sat in the traffic for an hour and quarter from Kedron and pulled the pin on the idea. 


Pride Academy Squads Back at Training

Pride Media


NORTHERN Pride’s much heralded James Cook University Academy squads returned to training this week with high anticipation ahead of the 2013 season.
The Under 18 and Under 16 squads joined up in Cairns for the first time to start pre-season, with new faces ready to lead each squad.
Cameron Miller replaces Ben Rauter as Under 18 coach, with Rauter moving to a first-team assistant coach role under current Pride head coach Jason Demetriou.
Miller, who was assistant coach to Pride head coaches Andrew Dunemann and Dave Maiden from 2009-2011, said it was a great honour to coach the club’s hottest young talent.
“These youngsters are blessed with such talent and skill,” Miller said.
“I’m confident my hard work ethic will filter down to the Under 18s, and I hope to give them every opportunity to succeed at the highest level.
“I’m very excited about the new structures put into place, and I’m very confident we will have a very successful season and see more players progress through to Intrust Super Cup and NRL systems.
“The first training session was very demanding, but all players put in a big effort and have set a hard working culture to achieve high expectations.”
Northern Pride recently announced a partnership with James Cook University, with the two local organisations joining forces to inspire Far North Queenslanders to use educational opportunities to achieve their personal best.
And Miller said the Academy, which has produced several players who have gone on to representative honours and NRL careers, had never been in better shape.
“The Academy structure and professionalism is set up so well, we leave no stone unturned to achieve results not only on the field, but also off the field to develop these guys into good young men and leaders in their communities,” he said.
Miller, who also works as a QRL Development Officer for the region, said he hoped being coach would be a stepping stone towards his own future in coaching.
His Under 18 assistant coaches will be Edmonton junior rugby league’s Robbie O’Kane, and Southern Suburbs’ Greg Annison.
Meanwhile, Cairns Brothers Junior Rugby League Coaching Director Paul Callaghan has been named as the new coach of the Under 16 Academy side.
Callaghan will be assisted by foundation North Queensland Cowboys player Stephen Tillett, who is also involved with Kangaroos junior rugby league and Alby Anderson, current CDJRL Coaching Director. 


Heard wests have pulled out of cc & mm will now be a Brisbane stingers side made of players who missed out on other team squads 


What Brisbane Stingers side do you refer to? The U16 or the U17's. 


I was assuming that eagle10 meant that the Stingers would have teams in both 16 and 18 age groups,not dissimilar to what they had back in 2008 before the CC and MM comps were introduced. 

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