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2013 Anzac Test: AUSTRALIA v NEW ZEALAND in Canberra



[h=1][U] Canberra Test goes on sale to members tomorrow[/U][/h]

Canberra Raiders Ticketed Members will tomorrow have the first chance to purchase tickets to the first ever Rugby League Test featuring Australia and New Zealand in Canberra, ahead of their sale to the general public on December 19.
Tickets for the historic match at Canberra Stadium on April 19 during Canberra’s Centenary celebrations as the nation’s capital, will go on sale to Raiders Ticketed Members from 10am tomorrow (Tuesday, November 20).

Tickets will be available to all Ticketed NRL Club Members from 10am Tuesday, December 11, to 9pm on Wednesday, December 12; and to Members and Non-Ticketed NRL Club Members from 10am Thursday, December 13, to 9pm Tuesday, December 18.

Importantly, all fans have the opportunity to buy tickets for the Test during this priority period, simply by registering for free as an member.

Tickets will go on sale to the general public from 10am on Wednesday, December 19.
The Test kicks off at 7.45pm on Friday, April 19 2013, with tickets available through Ticketek on 132 849, at Ticketek outlets or at

General Public Ticket Prices**
[TD]Category 1[/TD]
[TD]Category 2[/TD]
[TD]Category 3[/TD]
[TD]Roo Crew#

** Ticketed Club Members receive discount on general public ticket prices
* Junior (4-15yrs); Family (2 adults+2 juniors)
# Roo Crew ticket is inclusive of t-shirt and flag

Raiders Ticketed Club Members:
10am Tuesday, November 20 to 9pm Wednesday, December 12. Members will not be able to purchase their ‘regular season’ seats but can purchase up to 10 tickets per transaction (password required).

NRL Ticketed Club Members:
10am Tuesday, December 11 to 9pm Wednesday, December 12.""; Inside Pass Subscribers/Non-Ticketed NRL Club Members:
10am Thursday, December 13 to 9pm Tuesday, December 18.

General Public:
10am Wednesday, December 19. 


SBW should also be returning to the Kiwis. It's gonna be MASSIVE! 


Whats the capacity for canberra stadium? 


25,011. Although NRL record is 26,476 - 2010 Semi Finals Raiders vs Wests Tigers 


This Test will be great for Rugby League in the Capital. Hopefully we all support the Test and is a great lead in for the World Cup. 


2013 NRL Club Ticketed Members will today have the chance to purchase tickets at a discounted price for the first ever Rugby League Test featuring Australia and New Zealand in Canberra, ahead of their sale to the general public on December 19.

If you are an NRL Club Member please check your email and join us in the Roo Crew in Canberra!

You will receive one of our famous Roo Crew shirts and flags!

Roo Crew tickets
Adult $50.00
Junior $45.00

(Inclusive of t-shirt and flag)

*Junior (4-15yrs), Family (2 Adult and 2 Juniors) 

Here is the venue map. As you can see the Roo Crew has a massive allocation! :D 


So who is going to the Test Match? 


Let me put it on the record I'm not a fan of putting Test nations at that level in a stadium such as Canberra.. 


Well it is the nations capital and it is to celebrate 100th years of Canberra.

Hopefully after games in Newcastle, GC and Townsville we can return to Sydney with huge crowds. 


Yeh, fair enough I would just prefer AU, UK and NZ at 40,000 plus stadiums with fair dinkum promotion to fill 'em, with AU playing 2nd tier nations at venues like Canberra, Perth, Newy etc etc..

Having said that, it's a Test and one of my highlights for 2013 


That would be ideal. 


My Australian team

1. Slater
2. J. Morris
3. Hodges
4. Inglis
5. Boyd
6. Thurston
7. Cronk
8. M. Scott
9. Smith
10. Tamou
11. Thaiday
12. Bird
13. Gallen

14. Gidley
15. Lewis
16. Shillington
17. T. Williams


surely t rex won't get selected? 


I'd be surprised if Gidley and TRex get picked, other than that anin84's squad is what you'd expect. 


if SBW gets selected for the kiwis and plays it should make for an interesting match 


Kiwi squad will have an open training session at Raiders Club West Belconnen (formerly West Belconnen Leagues) on Tuesday 16th April. Had dinner there Sat night and saw a flyer. 


The reason I went Gidley is because this team for this game is generally picked on past performances than in form players and gidley has been used at 14 a heap of times under Tim Sheens. I agree about T Rex probably shouldnt be there but again I chose him because he played in the one of game last year in townsville. The rest of the team I feel should be pretty close. 


New Zealand Maori Team (Players with Maori heritage)
Every single player in this team has played test football for either NZ, Australia, or UK and each player has played in the NRL. All currently play in the NRL except for Rangi Chase (former St George Dragon and Man of Steel award winner)
What a team. Rock solid from 1-17. This side could upset Australia in a final of a World Cup.
The only thing missing is a couple of real genuine hit men. (bugger) Would love a couple of Matai, Masoe, Tagataese type players in my squad. Never mind.

What do you think of this side guys?

1. Kevin Locke/Josh Hoffman
2. Sam Perett/Gerad Beale
3. Sean Kenny Dowall
4. Whare/Beale/Tahu
5. Jason Nightangale
6. Benji Marshall (C)
7. Rangi Chase (England half back)
8. Jared Warea Hargraves
9. Isac Luke
10.James Tamou/Sam Rapira
11.Adam Blair (VC)
12.Bronson Harrison
13.Greg Eastwood

14. Jesse Bromwitch
15. Sam Mckendry
16. Kevin Proctor
17. Elijah Taylor (Utility- 2nd Row/Lock/Centre/Hooker

Coach Steven Kearney
Anyone out there like to pick there best Samoan, Tongan or Aboriginal team 


In regards to sbw if he is fit I will be very surprised if he doesn't get at least a spot on the bench for the kiwis. His form hasn't been all that bad and he could be a real X factor for the kiwis. That and Kearny will want to lock him in for the kiwis and the World Cup so samoa can't get him. 


That Kiwi side they picked is going to get smashed-by 30+ 


They'll lose but not by that much. 


im 100% kiwi & I love our kiwi side with a passion, but Kearney has picked a bad side. Blood some young guys now b4 the world cup. We are not going to win the Anzac test so pick some guys who can surprise the ozzies not the same old predictable stuff. The only way Australia is not going to smash us is if they don't turn up mentally to play. If they turn up 100% really wanting to win this game then I predict 50+. If they turn up with a bad attittude and play really bad they will still win by 12. Pick a young side that can put pressure on the old guys

Mannering is hopeless. There are better players in the under 20s. Hes done a bad job as captain for the warriors. He poses no threat to any team let alone roos.

I hope we get all best players available for the world cup because I believe if we have our best side with SBW and Benji firing we will have a great chance at keeping the world cup. Just hope Kearney stops picking his sons to play.

My Kiwi side for the World Cup

1 Locke
2 Hoffman
3 Hurrell (left)
4 SKD/Inu
6Marshall (c)

14 Taylor-utility 2nd row/lock/hooker/centre

We wont hold Australia out with defence because their attack is so potent. so we have to score more points then them. We have to play an smart, aggressive offensive style to stand a chance with players in every postion who pose a threat. The players I have picked a great attacking players and are decent defenders bar Benji and Johnson.
Obviously other players will put there hand up between now and the world cup.


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