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harold matthews and sg ball trials



last saturday, balmain beat penrith in ball, best for balmain were sebastain vourlos, dean parata, and joel luani [according to the balmain website]
penrith won matts 


The bulldogs HAROLD MATTHEWS and SG BALL sides have a trial this afternoon at HAMMONDVILLE OVAL at MOOREBANK 


who do they play? 


Saturday, 31st January 2009
Matraville Sports High School Oval

Harold Matthews Shield

Sydney Roosters 12 (3 tries)
St George 8 (2 tries).

SG Ball Cup

St George 16 (4 tries)
Newtown Jets 12 (3 tries).
Half-Time: 4-all.

Details of the next junior representative trial games:

Saturday, 7th February 2009
TG Milner Field, Marsfield

Harold Matthews Shield:
Balmain v Sydney Roosters, 9.00am kick-off.

SG Ball Cup:
Balmain v Newtown Jets, 10.30am kick-off. 


who won the parramatta eels and illawarra harold mathews trial 


illawarra def parra 7 trys to 4 


wats with parramatta

man my 2 mates play for them and they lost
i thought parra were good
they lost to newcastle now illawarra
i hope they beat manly this saturday

anione goen to dat game
hey how do u find out da scores for da trials for harold mathews 


parra v manly trials cancelled cause of the expected heatwave
wise decision 


NSWRL Junior Representative Trials

Saturday, 7th February 2009

TG Milner Field, Marsfield

Balmain v Newtown and Sydney Roosters

Harold Matthews Shield (Kick-Off: 8.30am)

Balmain 28 (7 tries)


Sydney Roosters 16 (4 tries).

The Sydney Roosters team was:

Alan McGrath

Brant Donlan, Matt Booth

Jake Webb, Alex Thomas

Will Inu, Nathan Antonelli

Jack Johnson

Tahu Soatini, Brendan Attwood

Geoff Ronayne, Stanislav Dzyuba

Tim Brown.


Toby Lei, Alex Bergmann

Oliver Laumberg, Seth Buckley

Zen Taureka, Jason Trindall

Wesley Wright, Gabriel Farley

Pele Sulusi, Daniel Kelly.

SG Ball Cup: Kick-Off: 10.00am.

Newtown 32 (8 tries):

Michael Mizrahie 3, Paul Rokalatai, Jack Littlejohn, Cheyse Blair, Michael Esber, Ethan Fullick tries


Balmain 8 (2 tries).

Half-Time: Newtown led 12-8.

Newtown’s team was:

Eddie Elzabadieh

Paul Rokalatai, Haliano Saluka

Cheyse Blair, Asipeli Fine

Tom Dawney, Jacob Miller

Nick Eshman

Jarrod Cherrington, Jack Littlejohn

Sampson Manua, Adam Brent

Steve Blakemore.


Lepuha Paseka, Ethan Fullick

Michael Mizrahie, Michael Esber

Inoke Vunipola, Tevita Caci.

The trial was played over 4 X 20 minute quarters.

The comparative completions rates make for interesting reading:

Balmain – 92% first half; 22% second half!

Newtown – 72% first half; 81% second half. 


(PHOTO : Sharks hooker Dane Malone gets the ball to a rampaging Joel Tubbs in the trial vs Wests Magpies at Toyota Stadium)
Cronulla SG Ball team are starting to look good with the season starting this sat.

The Sharks won 22 - 6 against Western Suburbs in the final official trial match, the game was transferred from an afternoon game at liverpool to and early game at Shark Park due to the heat

The Sharks should do well in the SG Ball comp this year with plenty of talented kids and a bit of depth has been developing over the past couple years

In the Mattys Cup game, the Magpies scored in the final minute to win by a try LEARN MORE HERE 

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