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We hear all about Rugby League High Schools what about any Primary Schools that are well known for their Rugby League??? :D 


Brisbane North Schools Hits League Tag Gala
Brisbane North schools were in a craze last Thursday 22[SUP]nd[/SUP] November, with the first ever League Tag Gala be held at Albany Creek JRLFC. With 22 teams and over 250 students participating in the gala day ranging from grade’s 4 -7, there was plenty of skill on show for all to experience. The efforts and amazing sportsmanship shown by all schools was a credit to the students and their schools.
A thank you must go to the schools who participated in the gala at Albany Creek Crushers – Ferny Hills State School, Enoggera State School and Everton Park State School. I would also like to make a special mention to Albany Creek Crushers who supplied the fantastic facilities which helped make the day a great success. National Rugby League thanks Albany Creek Crushers JRLFC for their continuing support of school Rugby league and the National Rugby League’s events.
From the day’s play, a very big congratulation’s goes out to Ferny Hills State Schools Senior Boys and Girls teams for taking out the Brisbane North League Tag Champions. Teams from Ferny Hills and Enoggera State School have been invited to participate in the League Tag Championship Gala Day on the 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] December. I wish all the teams good luck – remember, ‘play hard but play fair’.
On behalf of National Rugby League Development, I would like to thank all those involved in the inaugural Brisbane North League Tag Gala Day and look forward to running the event again in 2013. 


Pimpama State School, Park Lake State School and Kings Christian College Complete 3 weeks of Early Childhood Rugby League
Three more schools this week have completed the Early Childhood program. All Students who experienced the program learnt a number of different Rugby League skills such as: Try scoring and Play the Ball as well as boundaries, spatial awareness and team work.

NRL Game Development Officers really enjoyed delivering in the above schools and we hope to be invited back in 2013. 


I spoke to a vice-principal just last week about my daughter entering the school and quizzed her on sports. Unfortunately in these days of childhood obesity the weekly sports day has been canned in favour of these gala-days which occurs I think 3 times a semester. But what I found really disencanted with was that the school does not participate in any Rugby League programs because the ARL charge $35 per student where the AFL and Brisbane Roar's respective programs are free of charge. I had one of my employees quiz me a few months ago about the school her kid is in, the kids there want to play RL but there were no programs for them just AFL and again soccer. 


My kids have all finished school now but the primary school that they went to didn't play rugby league or any other form of football. The AFL's Auskick program was however pretty popular with the students. 


I know Kruger State School has a reputaion of being a good Rugby League School this was in the newsletter today

Under 10 and Under 11
Under 10 Central District Rugby League Premiers
Under 10 Queensland Rugby Union 7's Champions
Under 11 Ipswich State High Rugby League 9's Champions
Under 11 Kruger Rugby League 7's Champions
Under 11 Canberra Raiders Cup Champions
Under 12
Keebra Park State High School West Tigers 9's Champions
Under 12 Central District Rugby League Premiers
Metropolition Cup Champions
Under 12 Queensland Rugby Union 7's Champions
Wavell State High Rugby League 7's Champions
Queensland Rugby Union Ballymore 7's Champions
Under 12 Kruger Rugby League 7's Champions
Under 12 Canberra Raiders Cup Champions
Senior Girls(Under 12)
Senior Girls centra District Rugby League Premiers
Metropolition Cup Champions
Gold Coast Titans Cup Challange Champions

Out of the 80 games that was played over all 4 teams they won 75 of them pretty awesome achievement!!!!!!:yay: 


Hey Carla, that's outstanding for Kruger.
I have a couple of questions for you,
1. How many students attend Kruger (size really matters as there are a number of students i.e.. players to draw from).
2. How did Kruger go in the Statewide ARL Development Cup in 2012, I believe a couple of smaller schools made it through to the final.
3. How many Met West players (U/11 & U/12) came from Kruger?

I'm more in tune with the other posts on this thread - lets develop players at Primary School level, lets give as many boys and girls as we can a taste of Rugby League. 


Hey Gavin,
1. around 900 students Prep to grade 7, yes a large school with quite a large number of students to choose from.
2. Kruger 12 got knocked out in the playoffs as the 3 Met west boys weren't allowed to play because they had State trials (ARL rules)
3.Under 12 - 3 Met West and 1 State player

And yes agree with you about more development in Primary School, alot of schools aren't involved at all.
I think the cost invloved is a big deterent for some schools, if there was a low or no cost oppurtunity i think there would be more involvement from schools 


Why can't the ARL offer FREE programs to be on par with AFL and Soccer????? 


They do offer free programs that are done through the school.
i don't know what free afl program's you are referring to, there is nothing free about afl. Their auskick program costs close to $50. 


I was reading through this thread again not to sure myself???? 


Our primary school recently was the beneficiary of a 6 week Rugby League program - absolutely free - and they gave away heaps of stuff, including a football to all students. 


South Coogee in Sydney have won the state knockout a few times. While not focused on RL as a sport they have a good sport and music program at the school. They just seem to have kids with talent in area.

Whats this about $35 being charged by the ARL, its certainly not happening down here and I think its outrageous. 

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