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best value dream team players.



now that the dream team/ super coach is about to start which players do you think will do well and make some money in the early rounds. the point scoring has changed a bit and its harder to access which players are best value. the top scorers last year are expensive and may drop in price after a few rounds. so who do you think will give the best return and are there any stand out cash cows at the moment. i wont be able to finalize my team until the lead up to rd 1 but there is talk of certain players and some good performances in the trials have shown that there could be some bargains out there to keep an eye on. so far these are the players i am thinking could be good value players. Tonga, Willie $127,700 eels. Another brother. Each year i take a punt on him cause hes always out of form or injured and thus cheap. Each time he lets me down. He is a test quality player so maybe under Stewart he may come good.
Hodkinson, Trent $142,900. bulldogs. Was injured most of last year so his price has stayed low. Has yet to stay on the field and under x coach hasler may be a great buy. Also the dogs still have a question mark over what basically is 2 hookers playing pivots. So they need a specialist half.
Tedesco, James $141,600 tigers. Was touted as a cash cow last year and was going up in value before he got injured for the rest of the season. had a great trial and the coach is impressed. Taupau, Martin $136,400 bulldogs.With james graham suspended for 12 matches word is that big marty is his replacement. Had a few games last year but still has to prove himself.
Klemmer, David $101,600 bulldogs. for the same reason as taupau. talk is klemmers good. Lui, Robert $132,200 cowboys. From memory he was with tigers and had his contract term for misconduct. Played a few games last year with cowboys but got injured. He has the potential to be a good partner for thurston.
Sims, Tariq $161,800 .cowboys. Injured most of last year coming back from broken leg. ? Over his fitness but not his ability. Earmarked for origin so if he stays on the field he will go up in value by 100,00 +. Brown, Lewis [CTR] $197,300.panthers. bought to replace Lewis and should get a lot of game time. played good towards end of last year as with Chris McQueen he can play 2nd row/center. Leuluai, Thomas [HOK] $214,900 warriors. Comes back from england after 9 years and if memory serves me right he was a good player. Fills the 1/2 position with malony gone. can play hooker / half. now that Johnson is injured will be the no 1 1/2. Frei, Mitchell [2RF] $116,100.knights. x bronco under Bennett. Still a rooky and may get a run with injuries or if mason doesn't perform. just think Bennett go him from the broncos for a reason. Moore, Scott $171,900 cowboys. Pommy bought over to fill the vacant hooker spot left by Aron Payne retirement. He has some competition from x rooster Mitchell, Anthony $201,900 and x storm Kostjasyn, Rory [HOK] $224,500 . Thompson, Bodene [CTR] $127,700 tigers. Transfer from titans. Got some nrl exp last year and the tigers need a back rower with Chris Heighington gone. some good wraps from the coach so may get a run.
O'Donnell, Kyle $127,700 penrith. bros of kyle who just signed with roosters. is this the year of the brothers or something. Hes had some game time with the knights last year and so may get a run . Ropati, Jerome $150,500 warriors. Was injured a lot last year and should go up if injury free. Reasonably priced good player who can score big. Though they have also bought center Peyroux, Dominique and Nielsen and have last years cash cow conrad hurrel as well for the center spot.



Lui was out for all of last year after pleading guilty to bashing his wife for a second time.

He may start the season, but Morgan is likely to come in when he gets over a broken jaw (rd 4?).

Tariq looks good on paper, but may struggle to get minutes.

Won't-pass-Tonga is no one I would go near. He is probably due a price rise, but not enough to be a cash cow, and he won't score enough to warrant a place in a team.

Whoever gets game time out of the Lousi and Rapira brothers at the Warriors should be a good go.

When Drinkwater gets a run he should go alright.

Is Tadesco that expensive?!? He only played 30 minutes last season. Did his knee before half time in Rd 1.

Yow-Yeh is cheap in supercoach. Will be a while before he comes in.

If Gardner plays fullback at the Sharks he could go orright.

The Panther's fb is likely to be decently priced as well. 


I'd be looking at who gets the following positions:

Broncos wing spots (Kemp)
Titans halfback & rookie wing spot
Barba's replacement (other than Inu)
Manly back row (buhrer)
Souths halfback (if Reynolds out for a bit)


My god dream team prices are big 


Points for attacking stats have increased & so has the cap. All means prices go up. 


Beale and Tuivasa sheck are both around $160K. Good prices imo. Campese at $172k possibly a bargain if he is fit relatively early. 


Leuluai, Hodkinson and Brown look pretty safe bets

Frei will be in and out of the FG team, IMO and will probably get limited minutes when he does play. I'd wait to see what Bennett does with him first.

Klemmer or Taupau will be good because of Graham's suspension. I think Klemmer should get first crack but I think Hasler will go Taupau for experience. They might both get a run if Kasiano is ruled out.

Tedesco will compete with Moltzen all season for a spot and will probably start in U20s anyway.

Moore is a bit of an unknown. He could be there all season but as you say, the Cowboys have options. 


[U]Daniel Tupou [/U]@ $135.8k looked good in the trials and will get plenty of game time for the Chooks this year with Moga out for most of the season.
[U]Denan Kemp[/U] @ $127.7k is good value IF he gets Yow Yeh's wing possie that is up for grabs.
[U]Mahe Fonua[/U] @ $127.7k. Might get plenty of points if he hangs onto his spot in that great Storm team.
[U]Jacob Loko[/U] @ $127.7k. Made the emerging Blues squad and this could be his year where he steps up.
[U]Robert Lui[/U] @ $132.2. With Morgan out with injury should be JT's halves partner and could be handy.
[U]Josh Drinkwater[/U] @ $101.6. Will break into the Dragons team soon and is excellent value as a back up.
2nd Row:
[U]Kyle O'Donnell[/U] @ $127.7. One to keep safe at the moment but worth keeping an eye on
[U]Korbin Sims[/U] @ $101.6. Got some game time in the trials so Bennett has his eye on him. One to watch.
Front Row:
[U]Sam Moa[/U] @ $171.9. Excellent workrate in the trials. If the Chooks play him he'll rack up some points.
[U]David Klemmer[/U] @ $101.6. Very cheap and a fair chance of getting a run with Kasiano out.
[U]Apisal Koroisau[/U] @ $101.6. Souths fans think he's the next Isaac Luke. Just needs to oust Peats.
[U]Scott Moore[/U] @ $171.9. Quite possibly the best valued player in fantasy footy. Time will tell. 


Kurt Gidley @ $231.3k looks undervalued too. He is usually involved in everything the Knights do so should rack up lots of points if he stays injury free.

I'm stunned that players such as Zillman, Tyrone Roberts, Ben Roberts & Mortimer are all valued higher than Gids. 


There's only one person who thinks that will actually happen :lol: 


Beau Champion was excellent in the Charity Shield and at $171.3k looks very cheap indeed. 

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