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Sure sign Eastwood heading back to belmore. 


Greenberg says he wont pay the transfer fee. Leeds want $175k. 


Talk this morning that Willie Mason could be back next year too....hmmmm 


Willie burned his bridges... let him stay up in Townsville

as for Reni, are you kidding me? 


I dont want neither back...both drop kicks.

Good news regarding the latest Eastwood developments, the transfer price is pretty high though. Should get Rusty to pay for us. 


what a relief :)

[U]Bulldogs say they are not interested in Willie Mason[/U]

[INDENT]HE FLOATED the notion of a dream return to Belmore, but Canterbury have slammed the door on Willie Mason, declaring bluntly: "You're not on our radar."

Six months after being thrown a lifeline by North Queensland, Mason has revealed he wants to play out his career at the Bulldogs under Kevin Moore.

But while the former Test star retains a close friendship with Canterbury chairman Ray Dib and a faction of board members, Dibb and CEO Todd Greenberg yesterday ruled out any play for the 30-year-old.

And the move has been backed by former Canterbury star Graeme Hughes, who said any return of the controversial forward could upset the new culture at the club.

Greenberg was quick to quash talk Mason could be lured back to the club where he won a premiership in 2004.

"As flattering as it is that Willie would like to come home, we haven't spoken to Willie and we have no intentions at this present time to be talking to Willie," Greenberg said. "He's not on our radar. He won't be coming back. It's not going to happen."

The stance comes after Mason spoke on Thursday of his respect for Moore, who mentored him in the Bulldogs' lower grades.

Although the Cowboys have made it clear they are happy with Mason, the club has yet to table an offer and the former Test forward said a return to Canterbury "would be a good way to finish my NRL career".

Mason left Belmore at the end of 2007 when he was granted a release to join the Roosters after falling out with former CEO Malcolm Noad.

The split riled fans and club greats but Dib, who succeeded George Peponis as chairman last year, has remained close with the outspoken footballer.

It was one reason Mason was prepared to reveal his wish for a Belmore return.

But Dib yesterday maintained the friendship made no difference to recruitment.

"I'm a friend of Willie's," Dib said.

"I have a lot of time for Willie. He's a champion bloke, but at this stage he's not on our radar. It hasn't even been discussed."

Former Canterbury backrower Hughes praised Mason's form with the Cowboys, but said the damage caused by his walk-out on the club was still too raw.

"I would doubt that what got broken at the Bulldogs last time can be fixed," he said.

"I congratulate him on the effort he's put in at the Cowboys - but I just doubt that what happened last time around can ever be reversed."

Bulldogs legend Steve Mortimer was reluctant to weigh in, but added that he had confidence in the club's recruitment drive and direction under Greenberg.

"I don't have a comment on Willie Mason coming back to the club or not.

"That's up to Todd Greenberg," Mortimer said.

"I also trust that the Bulldogs' recruitment team will always do the right thing to enhance the club's chances for a premiership next year." [/INDENT] 


[U]Eastwood favoured for Dogs
NRL clubs, including the Warriors, are baulking at forking out a 100,000 ($216,000) fee for Greg Eastwood.

The unsettled Kiwis international forward has been transfer-listed by Leeds Rhinos after requesting a release from the final two years of his contract so he can return to the NRL.

Eastwood's former club the Bulldogs are favourites to secure his signature, but chief executive Todd Greenberg has ruled out paying a hefty fee.

Such payments are rare in the free agency era, although South Sydney are believed to have parted with a significant sum to prise Sam Burgess from struggling Bradford a year early.

Warriors recruitment manager Dean Bell didn't entirely rule out making a play for Eastwood but said the fee would be prohibitive. "Who's got that money, let's be honest," Bell said.

A surplus of back-rowers would also make Eastwood a less attractive proposition for the Warriors, who are still chasing a centre and prop for next season.

"He's the type of player who can turn games so we'd definitely have some interest but it is yet to be decided if we'd go for him," Bell said.

Meanwhile, Bell confirmed the club had informed Manly centre Steve Matai it needed an answer on its contract offer sooner rather than later.

Matai, who has an offer to stay at Manly and is also being chased by the Sharks, is believed to be reluctant to move to Auckland as his partner is expecting a baby in September.

"Steve is our priority at the moment given what is on the market. But when a player is at a good club it is always hard to get them away from places like that. We should know in a few days." 


Hull KR in talks with Bulldogs stand-off Blake Green Green has played 15 times for the Bulldogs, scoring two tries

Hull KR have confirmed they are in talks to sign Canterbury Bulldogs stand-off Blake Green. The 23-year-old Australian previously played for NRL sides Parramatta Eels and Cronulla Sharks and would be the Robins' lead signing for 2011.
Coach Justin Morgan told BBC Radio Humberside: "There's Blake and realistically one other player in his position that we're talking to.
"We're well and truly down the track with Blake, he's a top quality player."
Morgan added: "We haven't jumped the final two hurdles yet and we're going to make a final decision over the next couple of weeks between the chairman, myself and some other people in the football department.
"We'll decide which player we're going to really press for but if he comes he really is a quality player." 


I honestly think that Eastwood would be the last piece to the puzzle we need.
Perhaps a centre, but Eastwood a must. 


WILLIE MASON has been linked to a move to England - but take it as fact that it is far from his first preference. Mason thinks he has two more good years in the NRL, and on his form this year it's hard to argue. The problem is the money on offer overseas is big. Who wants him in the NRL? Despite the denials from CEO Todd Greenberg, the Dogs have expressed interest. It's through their chairman, Ray Dib, and Mason has supporters on the board. He does have issues with some of the players but they can be put to one side. There is no question the Dogs need an enforcer - Aiden Tolman is a super buy and Ryan Tandy is strong. Both could learn from Mason. The Eels have also discussed the idea of signing Mason, and it's known that he is interested in playing with the club. Mason's concern about leaving for the UK is that it could hurt his chances of a media gig - a role for which he seems to be made. Post-football he would be in big demand in both print and electronic media. Mason also harbours a desire to get involved in a restaurant/bar. [/INDENT] 


Anything from Danny the dribbler I tend to regards as gutter trash. He has a great strike rate of 5% correction. Mason probably saw the bad press about Dogs not wanting him and rang pulled Dweedler out of his pocket and said "Danny, write another piece about how the Dogs still ove me despite the sh*t I put them through"

I just wish Mason would p*ss off to England already and take his tool Dweedler with him. 


[U] Bulldogs set to offer Reni Maitua a one-year deal[/U]
From: The Daily Telegraph

August 10, 2010 12:00AM

Could be set for Bulldogs return...Reni Maitua. Picture: Brett Costello Source: The Daily Telegraph

THE Bulldogs' search for answers to their mysterious fall from grace started yesterday - and will step up later this week as officials prepare to welcome former star Reni Maitua back to Belmore.

In an unlikely reunion with the club that controversially sacked him two years ago, Maitua is planning to meet with Bulldogs CEO Todd Greenberg and coach Kevin Moore to discuss a one-year NRL lifeline.
The 28-year-old was last night believed to be boarding a plane to Sydney from Indonesia, where he's spent six weeks at a jungle training camp.
Banned from football until next May because of a two-year drugs suspension he suffered last season, Maitua has been based in South-East Asia for most of the winter - where he's returned to peak fitness under the watch of mixed martial arts experts.
The Daily Telegraph can reveal he met with Canterbury chairman Ray Dib before the most recent trip, where a Bulldogs return was discussed.
Greenberg and Moore are yet to sit down with the former international and want to gauge his commitment.
"Kev and I have agreed that we'd like to sit down with Reni and hear what he has to say," Greenberg said. "I'm told that he'll back in Australia soon, so hopefully we can get together and ask him some questions.
"It's been a while since Reni has played footy - and when a guy is in that position he'll have something to prove.
"But we want to hear it from Reni. We want to be satisfied that he wants to come here to atone for his mistakes and give something back.
"We're pretty comfortable we've got the right environment for him."
Greenberg acknowledged the negotiations would attract criticism, given the club's hardline stance on player discipline that led to Maitua's sacking in December 2008.
"The club's policy on all those things still applies - 100 per cent," Greenberg said.
"The easy thing to do would not be to engage in any discussions. And the thing I want to make clear is that Reni has approached us.
"He's always been highly thought of at this club. He made mistakes but half the battle will be admitting them."
Maitua's agent Sam Ayoub has also been in talks with Parramatta but last night said a Bulldogs return also promised a "feel-good factor".
"Reni is a Bulldog," he said.
The Dogs hope to lure Greg Eastwood back to bolster their back row, while centres Dane Neilsen and Brad Tighe are on their radar. Greenberg said the club's review of a disappointing 2010 began in the wake of Sunday's loss to Newcastle, which ended their finals hopes.
"The next four weeks will tell us a lot," Greenberg said.
"You learn a lot more about people under adversity than you do during good times." 


If you're chasing a centre does that mean Idris will make a permanent move to the back row? 


they can't be serious about Maitua 


why don't you guys like Maitua? :)

any mail on Eastwood? I am getting nervous that he won't be coming to the Dogs..what is the hold up? 


tbh I am quite surprised we are even talking to the guy, too risky

now that Sika Manu and Blair are off the table, what do the Dogs do with regards to forwards for next year? 


Eastwood and Maitau are formalities; Tighe within a fortnight. 


do we really need Tighe? 


Maitua was convicted for assaulting a police officer and the club stood by him and he had the conviction overturned... but then he got caught driving with a high level DUI... there were incidents outside Kings Cross nightclubs where he and other players were refused entry... when Mason had his bust up with the club, he publicly supported Mason... he breached his code of conduct and was sacked by the club... he then sued the club... at Cronulla he failed a drugs test and got a 2 year ban etc.

he was part of that bling crowd at the Dogs who were undoubtedly great players when things went right, but were also very destructive and corrosive to the Dogs culture

i don't want him back and neither should the club... Maitua belongs in the same category as SBW and Mason and we have moved on from both of them 


Shame we lost Harrison then we wouldn't need to be concerned about back rowers..I only want Maitua if something goes wrong with Eastwood..desperate times

how many decent forwards do we have for next year? 


lets assume Eastwood returns to the club

the Dogs pack may look something along the lines of -

8. Aiden Tolman
9. Michael Ennis
10. Ryan Tandy
11. Jamal Idris
12. Andrew Ryan
13. David Stagg

14. Joel Romelo
15. Mickey Paea
16. Greg Eastwood
17. Michael Hodgson

18. Dene Halatau
19. Martin Taupau
20. Tim Browne
21. Gary Warburton
22. Chris Armit
23. Brad Morrin
24. Jake Foster
25. Yileen Gordon
26. Corey Payne
27. Danny Williams
28. Nathan Smith (hooker)
29. Dale Finucane (lock U20's)
30. Paki Afu (prop/2 row U20's)
31. Lachlan Burr (2 row U20's)
32. Sam Kasiano (prop U20's)

obviously, not all of the above players are/will be FG stars or even FG standard... but they have all had a taste of FG or have shown promise in the lower grades and should be persisted with

the Dogs club just needs to have a bit more faith in their own development --> like they did 6-7 years ago 


lol :) 


this should be the pack

8.Aiden tolman
9.Michael ennis
10.Ryan Tandy
11.Greg eastwood
12.Andrew Ryan
13.David Stagg 


well the list that you have put up doesn't look too bad, I guess we have to patient with soem of the young guns coming through

does Michael Hodgson offer anything? he lacks size that bloke 


i got time for Hodgson, he is an honest, no frills toiler... can play prop or in the second row... he provides the counter balance to the explosive type forwards that creates a balanced pack 

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