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Round 2 vs Parra



guys that are intending on driving to the game Thursday night, there are a few road closures out here in preparation for the show, factor that in when making your trip

also for the good friday match I recommend pre booking parking from now, the easter show staff hog a lot of spots. 
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[h=5]A first round loss to the North Sydney Bears 38-16, with the Bears halfback Luke Keary and former Bulldog Chris Centrone getting doubles. Reports suggest the Dogs had glimpses of class from Lafai, Hodkinson and Burr. Fullback Gerard McCallum picked up an anke injury early on and will miss a few weeks.

Side named below for round 2 v Illawarra Cutters, (note : live on fox 1 from 1pm on Saturday, thats if you cant get out to Leichardt to support the boys.

Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs Vs Illawarra Cutters
Leichhardt Oval, Saturday, March 16
Kick-off: 1.10pm
Referee: Ziggy Przeklasa-Adamski
Broadcast: LIVE on Fox Sports 1

1. Nathan Massey
2. Brett Lane
3. Tim Lafai
4. Ed Murphy
5. Daniel Abou-Sleiman
6. Joel Romelo
7. Trent Hodkinson
8. Leilani Latu
9. Shane Pumipi
10. Junior Palau
11. Lachlan Burr
12. Harlan Alaalatoa
13. Paul Carter

14. Steve Azzi
15. Josh Gill
16. Dean Janda
19. John Kite

COACH: Barry Ward[/h] 


[h=1]Members Access to Thursday Night Footy![/h]

Wednesday 13 March 2013 5:05 PM
As part of your 2013 Membership* you may have access to this Thursday night's round 2 clash against the Parramatta Eels at ANZ Stadium.

Remember, although you may have access to this match through reciprocal rights, this is not our home game and therefore you will not have access to your usual reserved or general admission seats.
Membership Card Access:
Reserved Seat Members (Platinum, Gold, Kennel) - Scan your 2013 Membership card at Gate C and proceed to Level 4 East. You will have access to Aisles 401-405.
General Admission Members - Scan your 2013 Membership card at Gate B. You will have access to Aisles 101-146.
Bulldogs Members Service Office
For any issues or last minute ticket collections, be sure to visit the Bulldogs Membership Team, located at the ticket window next to gate A/B.
For any membership enquiries once inside the ground, visit the Membership Team located outside Aisle 110.
Please note: Member Benefit collections will be available from Round 4.
Want to bring friends who aren't Members**?
To purchase additional tickets to the match on Thursday night, simply click on the button below and enter the appropriate password. RESERVED SEAT
Password: Please see your Member Email 


booya game day...I have arrived at SOP footy season starts now.. 


if Melbourne had won that game without their Big 3 everyone would be singing their praises. We beat a side that trounced the warriors last week missing four of our biggest attacking weapons and people call it an ordinary win. Even though Parra's attack was woeful, to defend your line like that proves a sides credentials, we were horrendous tonight but we found a way to win. GOOD sides have a tendency to do that Parra fans. I don't want to hear excuses, we were the side that came into this game severely under strength. Cop it on the chin and realise that you are the minnows of this comp. Believe me once the smoke settles and your team gets into the grind of the regular season you will be calling for ricky's head. 


Good to see someone speaking their mind. I dont think that Parra are the "minnows" that they were last year and I also disagree about them calling for Stuarts head, I think he will improve them. The dogs did well for the win, had a few decisions go against them as well. 


Finally someone who calls a spade a spade, and who has a brain. I too believe that Parra will not get the spoon, their effort was good and they have a promising youngster in that loko but they do not have ENOUGH talent spread across the park or the depth to push for a finals spot. 


The shoulder charge may be gone but controversy remains. What actually constitutes a shoulder charge? There were two key incidents that show the answer is not clear. The first involved Bulldogs forward Dale Finucane, who was crunched by Eels counterpart Darcy Lussick. There was contact with Lussick's shoulder, but Finucane was falling before impact and there was little Lussick could do about it. Inexplicably, he was placed on report. Chris Sandow was also scrutinised for an alleged shoulder charge that led to an Eels try just before half-time. However, Bill Harrigan was adamant it was a shoulder charge while commentating on Triple M. Clear as mud.

Read more: 


Bill a commentator? Is he any good :lol: 


By the definition in the rule book it wasn't a shoulder charge.
In any other way though it definitely was.
So glad it wasn't given no try, not just for my team's benefit, but for the fact that it would have been an embarrassment to take a try away after a harmless tackle.

And lol at Morris staying on the ground afterwards.
Wasn't even that big a hit. 


Didn't Dessy say a few years ago when at Manly he will instruct his players to stay down if it means getting a penalty :lol: 


If you get hit in the head, fair enough.
He took a shot from the smallest bloke on the field (and probably the whole NRL). 


i could have sworn that was Ricky Stuart 


maybe it was :lol:

I remember it was something a coach said about us after we defeated them in 2010 season.

Thought it was dessy maybe it was ricky having a sook sounds like his MO :lol: 


what about the hit on dale finucane? the kid didn't come back. How awesome was Josh Jackson. Tolman and Josh Reynolds. Unbelievable. I thought Marty Tapau had his best game at NRL level. David Klemmer is progressing well too.

I reckon the absence of the players will be good for us in the long run

Parras tactics with the kicking was great, poor Mitch Brown had a horrible evening. But he can be forgiven he hadn't played footy at NRL level for quite a while. 


the young forwards have done well so far... i thought Taupau was good, Jackson very good, Klemmer has progressed far quicker than i expected

as for the hit on Finucane, to be fair to Lussick (i think it was him), Finucane was falling into it a bit... penalty sufficient IMO... but Gould's "Finucane did it to himself" crap is bullsh*t

i was also impressed with Reynolds... for the most part he kicked well, took on the line, scored a very good long range try, enthusiastic as always, and defended well 


what I like about reynolds he is level headed and takes control of the game when he sees it slipping. He moved into the halfback role towards the end and took over the kicking for a while Keating lost his way at various points

we must sign Tolman he is a machine

Eastwood has been great first two games

even though it was a scrappy effort especially with gifting the oppostion with heaps of possession..what I liked is the resilience of the team to overcome the errors

I think both teams can come out with positves.. 


we have such a good prop rotation at the moment, i'm not sure if Tolman will get re-signed... would be a shame though should he leave

Eastwood is usually good when his conditioning is better... has good feet, some ball skills, but also the size to be effective in the middle of the ruck

a lot of the good things that happened for us offensively came from Reynolds... and his enthusiasm is infectious... this will be a big year for him though to solidify his spot in the halves at the Dogs 


No rush, I'm sure Bellyache would be happy to have him back. ;)

I missed a lot of the first half, but saw all of the second. The Dogs big guys looked good, but a bit tired, and I think that is one of the reasons for the lack of scoring in the second half. I saw the replays of the tries at half time, and Reynolds looked full of confidence and creativity. First that long ball to his winger in tons of space, and followed up later by the dash through the line, both for tries, they were beautiful to watch. I'd like to think that he had the long pass in mind when he broke the line, as I'm sure the Eels defence did, and switching the play to a different move was pure class. 


i'd imagine that Tolman would have plenty of clubs after his signature and rightfully so 


Tolman and Jackson were by far and away our best forwards yesterday, they were both awesome...Make no mistake, forget the dud with the "C" next to his name, Reynolds is our leader out there on the field. Sign him up now before that dog Gould sinks his claws into him. He is an absolute priority. 



Parramatta halfback Chris Sandow admits he is still fighting his instincts to unleash a shoulder charge, which is now banned in the NRL.

Chris Sandow is fighting his natural instincts, with the cheeky Parramatta halfback conceding he continues to battle the urge to unleash a shoulder charge.

Sandow's instincts almost cost the Eels a try in Thursday night's 20-16 loss to Canterbury, his contentious tackle which helped dislodge the ball from Josh Morris gifting Cheyse Blair a four-pointer just before halftime.

While the decision last year to ban the shoulder charge was never made with the likes of the 173cm Sandow in mind, he seems to be one of the biggest losers in what many thought was an over-zealous rule change by the game's officials.

"I worked really hard with Dean Pay, our defensive coach, in the off-season," Sandow said of getting the shoulder charge out of his game.

"It's something that I don't like not doing, but they're the rules now.

"I went for it tonight because I was bit angry and it came off, but I've got to keep it out of my game."

Eels coach Ricky Stuart spoke of his pride in watching his side match it with one of the supposed big guns of the competition.

He preached calm and patience after the first round thrashing of the Warriors, as he did following the mauling his side received at the hands of Wests Tigers in the trial.

It was much the same rhetoric on Thursday night.

"People overreacted after that 40-point loss to the Tigers in the trials and I think people overreacted last week in regards to our 40-point win," Stuart said.

"Trials are trials, we knew what we were doing, that's the important thing.

"We're working hard, tonight was a really good result for us - outside not getting the two points."

Certainly one player thriving under Stuart is Sandow, who backed up his brilliant opening-round performance with another energetic display against the Bulldogs, which included a momentum changing 40-20.

"Everyone knows their job in the team ... I just get on board and direct them around," Sandow said.

"Ricky's a competitor, I'm a competitor myself. I hate losing."



[h=1]An Ugly Win: Josh Reynolds Blog Post[/h]

Friday 15 March 2013 12:49 PM
Well it was good to get a win last night but gee it was ugly. I love playing against Parramatta and I really get up for the games with them. I love playing every game but to have them as our neighbours and growing up and playing against a lot of the guys really spurs me on.
It was a tale of two halves for us last night with the first half having plenty of flair and attack whilst the second was all about defence. We pride ourselves on our defence and whilst we let in probably one or two more tries than we would’ve liked it was good to get the win.
We’re pretty pleased to have got the result last night but we know this week we’ll have to do a lot of work with the Melbourne match next up. They are the benchmark and I personally need to keep improving so I’m able to compete with the best players in the game. I want to become the best player I can be and I know I’ve got a long way to go.
That try I scored last night really got me pumped up. It was a bit of a miss play really, I’m not really sure who the ball was for. I drifted across field with the ball and I noticed that the centre had jammed in a bit, I threw the dummy and was lucky enough to get through. I then got to (Jarryd) Hayne and he was doing well and ended up running with me, I then threw the second dummy and he drifted off me slightly and luckily enough I was able to get to the line from there. I think the forwards earned that one for us, they’d worked really hard in the middle and that brought the defence in a bit so the gaps were there, they deserve the credit.

The second half saw us constantly defending. No one likes making mistakes or giving away penalties but we just kept saying to each other to stay positive and the hard work we’d done in the pre-season will help us through it. We could see the frustration on each others face and we were our own worst enemy out there. We just kept letting them in and we should have put them away but we were lucky enough to hold on.

We’ve got a lot to work on this week at training, our opening two games just haven’t been of the standard that we expect of ourselves. A few of the boys have come in today to do a few things and we’ve discussed the need to get better. We’re all on the same page so it’s just about getting it right. 


I was impressed by young Klemmers performance last night... he played well. Looking forward to his development during the season.. I can see someone gaining a contract upgrade if he keeps it up.. 


reportedly signed a 3 year, $1 million+ deal before the season started... says a lot considering he hadn't played FG yet and is still only 19 years old 

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