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Bulldogs name Junior Representative Squads



Bulldogs name Junior Representative Squads

Adam Kidd &

30/01/2013 3:00:00 PM

The Bulldogs held their 2013 Junior Representative Grading Night on Monday to announce their squads for the upcoming Junior Representative season.

The evening was attended by NSWRL Board Member Ray Dibb, Bulldogs CEO Todd Greenberg, NRL Head Coach Des Hasler, NYC Coach Andy Patmore, Club Captain Michael Ennis and local Bulldogs junior Josh Reynolds. Ennis and Reynolds presented the players with their 2013 gear bags and spoke to the audience about their experiences as Junior Reps players.

In addition to two Junior Representative sides and as with last year, the Bulldogs have entered into an arrangement with the South West Sydney Academy of Sport (SWSAS) to field a side in the Harold Matthews Cup in 2013. The side will be made up of players from the Bulldogs and Western Suburbs Rugby League clubs. Allowing the Bulldogs to effectively have another 13 player’s play in the Harold Matthews Cup competition that may have missed out on the Bulldogs Harold Matthews Cup squad and may otherwise have been limited to their junior league club side only.

This allows the Bulldogs to see an additional group of players through the development stage of their Rugby League careers, giving an increased base of players to select from for the SG Ball Cup in the following years.

After 3 months training and trial period, the selectors, headed by Noel Cleal, Jim Whitney, Brad Henderson (SG Ball Coach) and Wayne Barnett (Harold Matthews Coach) have selected strong squads to contest the 2013 NSWRL Junior Representative competitions; which starts on Sunday February 10th, 2013 in the ‘Back to Belmore’ gala day of Rugby League, with the Harold Matthews Cup kicking off at 11:30am and the SG Ball Cup at 1:00pm against the Melbourne Storm.

Players to watch

SG Ball
Brendan Cox
Michael Morgan
Anthony Semrany
Jake Kamire
All four players have been apart of the NSWRL High Performance Program, and are members of the 2011 Bulldogs Harold Matthews Premiership winning side.

Harold Matthews

Cajun Alaalatoa

Brother of Bulldogs VB NSW Cup player Harlan Alaalatoa, who is pushing for NRL selection in 2013. If Cajun is anything like his brother, you can expect him to hit hard and add some spice to the Bulldogs lineup.
- To see full squads list click here 

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