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Super League Round 2 Results.



A controversial at time Round 2 of the Super League XV111, Friday night saw only the one game with a thrilling draw and the other held off and held off and eventually postponed.
Two of the Heavyweights in the comp failed to take their advantages during a tense contest and late field goals from Wigan's Matty Smith and the Wires ageless Lee Briers saw a unusual scoreline of 17-17, the other game from Friday evening was full of intrigue and disaster as a fuel tanker over turned on the M62 preventing players from both clubs meeting the much delayed kick off time of 9.15pm, when it was obvious that the game had little chance of proceeding with a full contingent of players it was postponed.
Other games saw a reversal of form with with winless sides from Round 1 dominating their opposition, Castleford Tigers toughed it out against the Champion Leeds Rhinos and 2 late pealty goals saw them snatch a 2 point victory 14-12, Widnes Vikings gave the far more credentialled St Helens a run for the money in a gripping contest that saw the Chemics go down by just 12 points, after a long spell of losses the Saints coach Nathan Brown scord not only his maiden victory at St Helens but his first since departing Huddersfield midway through 2012.
Pre season favourites Hull FC stormed back into the form expected of them to overwhelm the Bradford Bulls in spite of the Debacle on the Motorway and the ongoing absence of Skipper Gareth Ellis, the Airlie Birds put all this behind them them to record a 28-12 victory, a controversial game in the South of France saw Le Catalans defeat the struggling Salford Reds.
Just minutes into the contest the promisingReds half back Theo Fages was hit in a late tackle that had dire conseqeneces for the Reds, while the Catalans triumphed with a win that saw them play 77 minutes down a man it was a ugly incident that saw a Dragons player sent off and a crucial loss of a player for the Reds.
Wakefield continued Hull KR's miserable start to the season and Huddersfield Giants accounted for the London Bronco's 34-6, Paul Anderson is coach of the year seemingly. 

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