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Broncos 2013 Draw



[CODE]Day Date Rd H/A vs Opponent
Fri 08/03/13 R1 H vs Manly
Fri 15/03/13 R2 A vs Dragons
Sat 23/03/13 R3 A vs Roosters
Fri 29/03/13 R4 H vs Storm
Fri 05/04/13 R5 A vs Titans
Fri 12/04/13 R6 H vs Cowboys
--- 19/04/13 Representative Weekend
Sat 27/04/13 R7 A vs Wests Tigers
Fri 03/05/13 R8 H vs Souths
Sat 11/05/13 R9 A vs Eels
Fri 17/05/13 R10 H vs Titans
Fri 24/05/13 R11 A vs Bulldogs
Mon 03/06/13 R12 H vs Warriors
--- 05/06/13 State Of Origin (ANZ)
Mon 10/06/13 R13 A vs Raiders
Mon 17/06/13 R14 H vs Wests Tigers
--- 21/06/13 R15 - vs Bye
--- 26/06/13 State Of Origin (Suncorp)
Sun 30/06/13 R16 A vs Warriors
Fri 05/07/13 R17 A vs Storm
Fri 12/07/13 R18 H vs Sharks
--- 17/07/13 State Of Origin (ANZ)
--- 19/07/13 R19 - vs Bye
Fri 26/07/13 R20 A vs Cowboys
TBA 02/08/13 R21 A vs Knights
TBA 09/08/13 R22 H vs Dragons
TBA 16/08/13 R23 H vs Eels
TBA 23/08/13 R24 A vs Panthers
TBA 30/08/13 R25 H vs Knights
TBA 06/09/13 R26 H vs Bulldogs
13/09/13 Finals
20/09/13 Finals
27/09/13 Finals
04/10/13 Grand Final



Awesome news there for families. Not a single Saturday or Sunday home game. 


that channel 9 tyrant Gyngall basically said you guys would be on every Friday Night when deal was done. I feel sorry for you guys. I know friday night is not exactly the most friendly time slot. 


It's all for television now. Thurs, Sun & Mon night. 


Nick your screwed over than most having to wait till 9:30 sydney time to see em play. 


Go F@%k yourself 9. 


Gus won't be saying how he loves Leichhardt on a Sunday afternoon next season as none are scheduled. 


Haha yeah doing it tough. 8 + ads every break. Plus Hadley. 


How can Hadley be worse than those other dense retarded idiots?? 

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